Today I am suffering from ennui.  The condition often overtakes me on my only day off where I plan to do an amazing amount of awesome and then I end up just doing absolutely nothing.  So I did one of my favorite hobbies: photo editing!!!  I think that beauty comes from everywhere–everyone and everything is beautiful in their own way and has something to offer the world.  From the mouse to the leaning tower of Piza life is exciting, fun, and beautiful.  So I have decided to find some of my favorite photographs (taken by moi) and then spice them up a bit by photo editing.  Thank you cosmetology school for ingraining the idea into my brain that everything and everyone can use a little tweaking.  So I will begin with my favorites:


The Atomium in Brussels, Belgium. When I studied abroad this summer I learned some valuable life lessons, indulged in cheese, beer, and chocolate, and made some really awesome friends. The Atomium picture was from my first official full day in Brussels, when I learned that I needed no one’s help to find my way around an entire city and that I can make a home wherever I go.


The Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium is both rustic and beautiful during the day, but exotic and stunning at night. When I entered the Grand Place during the day I felt consumed and dwarfed by the size, but when I visited it a few nights later and everything was bright from within I was taken aback by how gorgeous and wonderful the entire place looked. I have never seen anything more mystifying and amazing than the Grand Place at night–now that is just my opinion, because beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


The most delicious chocolate shop in the world. Brussels, Belgium has La Cure Gourmande–French for the cure for greediness. And it is not a cure…it is an addiction.


The Antwerp train station. Antwerp is the most gorgeous city on the face of the planet and even thought I only saw it for 30 minutes on a train ride back from Amsterdam, it was amazing. I am so sad I did not have a change to go back, but someday I will return.


Ahhh, Paris, France. Oui, it is every bit as romantic, enchanting, and gorgeous as everyone makes it out to be. The day was bright and warm and I was there with a few good friends. I abhor all things romantic and find them disdainful, but I was convinced to go by my Belgian friend and I am so glad I listened to him.

The Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France right at the end of Champs d’Elysee, the ancient market district of France. This photograph was at the right time, just as the sun poked out over the colossal arc commissioned by (that son of a bitch) Napoleon.


Notre Dame, or one of them, in the heart of Paris, France and the end of the awesome tour the biker gave us.


My crowning achievement–to walk along the Avenue des Champs Elysees. Suck it.


The infamous clock tower in Bruges, Belgium. I found Bruges to be a little disappointing, but it could be because I was suffering from lack of sleep.


The funniest thing I saw in Bruges, Belgium was this terrified looking lion. I had to capture the lion’s face so I could laugh again and again.


Love Park in Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia is so charming beyond words and I love it! The photograph was taken by a very kind passerby and I am on the left, my lovely friend Gulru is in the center, and my dear friend Hande is to the right. We were exhausted from the cold weather and suffering from sniffles, but this was one of the nicest trips I have ever had.


Bagpipers at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Pittsburgh, PA. For many reasons, I claim this as my hometown. Pittsburgh is great, but it’s night life is lame compared to other cities.


Another photo of the Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day Parade. This was a Celtic band on a wagon and was pretty cool.


This was the carriage of the lovely Miss Irish Smiling Eyes at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Pittsburgh.


A collage I did from a mini shoot in Philly with my two dearest friends Gulru and Hande. This is probably my favorite collage.


My very favorite picture of my sister and I taken by our friend Amanderpina. My sister, ol’ Skaggs, and I are best friends and I could not imagine life without her.

Well those are the best of my edited photographs I have from 2012-2013.  I will be pursuing (incredibly amateur) photography over the summer and having a lot of fun.  I wish you all well and a good day.  Remember, only you can change your attitude and your life.



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