So tonight I am going to do another amateur photography show-off blog.  I will show off my pieces and give a little explanation beneath them.  Some are old photos that have been updated while others are new!  I will begin with some of the oldest and go to the newest.


This was from over a year ago and I did the effects over a year ago as well. This is a bridge I took a picture of while leaving Harrisburg, PA for a rally for women’s rights. Yes, I am a feminist, thank you very much. I loved this weird bridge that totally looked more like an ancient Roman aqueduct than something modern.


So this picture was taken last May. I could not really find a great scheme for it until tonight, but I loved the whole motif. The structure was basically gone except for a standing, broken front wall with the doors still intact. This was a structure along the river and had lost it’s use (along with the train station) after steel mills shut down and now the entire area is sadly part of the “rust belt”. It’s a dark reminder of humans’ use and abuse of our own intelligence and ingenuity.


This was taken on my second day in Brussels, Belgium. I cannot remember the store, but this was the store front and sooo posh (even before the photo manipulation). I used this as a cover photo on facebook forever with a picture to match that people loved. Really, a fantastic shot from a fantastic city.


One of the waterways in Amsterdam. Amsterdam was beautiful and had the best shopping EVER, but it was cold as hell even in the middle of summer. I was freezing my ass off 95% of the time and in a winter jacket.


This was taken earlier today and for some odd reason I have this obsession with structures and architecture. I especially love out of the ordinary architecture, like this mini-factory in the middle of a a strip mall. Legit. I wanted to mix the future with the past to give off the feeling of “wow…that factory is totally out of place among the other, more posh shops about the area”.


I was laughing so hard taking this picture, because it was on the inside of the door of a bathroom stall. I was doing my duty when I looked up and was all like: “dude…did somebody scrimshaw a dragon into the door?” and I knew I had to take a picture. And manipulate it. And make it pretty. So I did.


Okay this one is totally out of order, but it also includes yours truly in it. On one of my last days in Brussels, I had a friend take a picture of me with my camera on an obscure street in Brussels. I wanted to be all posh and look important–I am totally joking. I wanted someone else to be the subject and they would not do it so I did and guess what? Now I don’t have to ask anyone’s permission to post it, but it reminds me of my day dreams. I can be on a street in the Burgh and day dream about Brussels at any point.

So that is the end of my photo session for today.  Quite honestly, it’s just a hobby and I like to make things pretty.  But I hope you enjoy and, as always, I will leave you all with a word from our favorite Vice cop Sonny.



“Seriously. That’s it? That’s like a fat lady playing guitar.” ~ Sonny Crockett
(He legit said that last part and to this day I have no idea who/what/if he is referencing something legitimate or if Don Johnson made it up. I have no idea what it means to be a “fat lady playing guitar” at all or why he even said it.)

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