Beauty in the Beast

Okay, okay, yeah, go ahead and say it…you know.  “Shabba Doo, where is your article mocking Odysseus?!  You have disappointed us thoroughly!”  Well…it’s kind of an academic endeavor and I am really sick of academic endeavors ever since I decided to do a summer camp involving law school prep.  Yeah.  You get it now?  Good.  Now let’s move on to my favorite hobby/distraction from reality: AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHY!  


This is part of that rust belt series that I did. I love the colors here.


Another rust belt image. I really wanted to bring the beauty out in this really cool, yet sadly abandoned area.


A couple in Paris, France zipping about through traffic. Really chic and super sexy.


I thought this photograph really did a good job at representing the culture of the Cultural District in Pittsburgh, PA. The place is full of life and color in a city filled with business attire and the service sector chic look.


I regularly frequent the local Belgian restaurant in Pittsburgh called Park Bruges with my sister and our friends. I loved the colors and lack of color with the menu right beside the very Belgian room temperature water that they serve you, haha.


An array of images from many different parts of Pittsburgh. From Duquesne University to the Court House and finally the Cathedral of Learning.

So that’s it for this edition of Shabba Doo does photography.  Oh wait…


Seriously, I was super excited about these free danishes. I had to post about them. I apologize about the explicit language.

And of course we end with our (well my) favorite Vice Detective in a bit of a bind:


Trouble in Miami. Castillo and Rico go head to head while Sonny’s in the back all ‘da fuq?’

2 thoughts on “Beauty in the Beast

  1. I love Park Bruges soooo much. I want to live above it in the apartments one day. hehe.
    the Paris bikers is such a cool pic and so is the cultural district pic. 🙂

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