Life: Challenge Accepted

Hello readers, viewers, trollers, whatnots, and mainly lovelies,

I know I have been absent for most of the summer…I have been doing two things that often occur in the course of our journey to infinity and beyond and those things are learning and living.  I took a billion photographs throughout my adventure and struggles.  What did I learn?  I learned that life is short, there are beautiful moments whether good or bad, and that you can never expect what is around the corner.  What did I live?  I lived out a dream with my best friend and seester (Skaggs) to go to Miami, Florida.  I am 27…but this visit was about 30 years overdue and even though I was super disappointed that I did not meet Sonny Crockett and that Skaggs did not become heavily involved with a certain Rico Tubbs I had the most awesome time of my life.  After we realized we could not run away with fictional characters forever and in between a great deal of stress caused by unforeseen events, we also traveled to Boston, Massachusetts!  Our home away from home!  Below are the pictures I took edited by any software I could get my hands on when in Miami.  Boston and Pittsburgh summer 2013 fun photos will follow at a later date.


Once you go in…you never want to leave.


The Palms in South Beach was exquisite and fabulous. We leered at it from across the street on a daily basis.


The boardwalk was a strange surprise. The only things we knew about Miami was that it 1) was the place where a really kick-ass cop show took place and 2) you could walk out onto the beach from anyway. So imagine our surprise when in the last 30 years someone suddenly decided to throw a boardwalk in the mix. What jive!


It poured for two of the days we were in Miami, but that did not damper our spirits or our photography frenzy!


Where we parked…thankfully our car was one of the few that had not been flooded by the leftovers of a tropical storm.


I had never seen a palm in it’s natural habitat. I was like a 5 year old who was given ice cream for the first time and blew a gasket.


The famous life guard stations in South Beach.


Our first night there we came upon this beauty blazing with glory in the twilight hours.


This neon sign in the H&M perfectly expressed my feelings for Miami.


More palms geeking.


We drove right into that SOB with aviator sunglasses blazing.


There was a whole lotta “vice” involved…just not the kind we were looking for.

So that is the end for the Miami photographs, but I will soon update with Boston photographs!  Ahhhh, Boston.  On our trip back from Miami we ran into this awesome guy, who was a fellow adventurer!  Please visit his site and follow him on Instagram!  You can also follow me on instagram here.  And now I leave you a wonderful vice detective.


You chumps thought this was going to be a picture of that jive turkey Sonny or his bitch alligator Elvis. Well Rico’s taking over this post and you better believe it!

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