Life: Mission Possible

As promised in the previous post I have decided to post some photographs of Boston, my home away from home.  I love Boston and plan to live there one day, because I feel that I belong there.  I love where I am now, but I’ve never felt completely “settled” here or even comfortable.  Boston completes me.  So here are some lovely views of Boston.


At Boston Harbor. Love this place.


Crossing through some side streets from the Harbor to get to Newbury Street.


Past the circular buildings in the aforementioned photograph, we can to this lovely building. It reminded me of Brussels so much I had to capture it on my camera.


Every other one said “Boston Sewer” and I wanted a cool photograph so I decided this was different enough to love.


My sister Skaggs and our nephew.


In Harvard Square looking out from an alley onto the resident Starbucks.


Harvard Square was an enchanting place and I already miss it. When I live in Boston, I will probably venture into the Square often.


A steaming tea pot that was hanging outside of a Starbucks. It was super adorable.


Okay, yes, I had to include a picture of Skaggs, my nephew, and myself. We had a grand old time.

So that should be the end of the Boston photographs.  I have a blog started on Odysseus, but I just haven’t had the stamina to finish.  I will do so soon…I lied the last three times, I know, but it’s totally coming.  I just need to finish it. As always, I leave you with a picture of one of my favorite vice detectives.  Who will it be?  Scroll down!


Tubbs: “Okay, okay, Crockett. I know I got a bit out of hand in the last post, but it was nothing a little thumbs-up action photo shoot couldn’t solve.”
Sonny: “Tubbs, the next time you decide to fly off the hook…don’t do it until some fat lady starts playing guitar. Are you on the monkey?”


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